Our Engineering Design & Capability
Junction Box, Local Control Stations & Distribution Board Design & Drawings
We have an expertise to help design, calculate and Select suitable junction box, enclosure, perform wiring and installation at site
Comprehensive Lighting Analysis Conventional vs LED
Lighting Analysis will help customer to select proper type and model in the installation to match with lux requirement and saving cost of fixtures and installation
CAD 2D and 3D Model Design
Model design can be supported by our engineering team to show 2D/3D CAD drawing to ensure sizing and calculation is appropriately designed
Cable Tray & Ladder Support Design
Cable tray and support is one of the main electrical bulk materials to support cable lay down. Proper sizing and design cable tray will help reduce structure cost, reduce maintenance cost and prolong the service of cable tray at site
Installation at Site
Performance site installation is one of the additional service support to help customer saving cost when purchasing product from us.
Site Survey
Site survey will ensure the engineering design correctly and no any downtime or error rising during construction. We support site survey as project partner.