Junction Box, Enclosure, Explosion Proof Lighting, Explosion Proof Conduit Fitting, Explosionproof Circuit Breaker and Electrical Bulk

EATON Crouse-Hinds/ CEAG

Our Crouse-Hinds series products stand for safety in the harshest of environments when power management is most critical. While it all began with the condulet, the Crouse-Hinds series portfolio has grown into the premier name for comprehensive solutions for high-consequence harsh and hazardous

environments. our global portfolio meets the standards and certifications for most of the countries and regions of the world, and consists of:

Crouse-Hinds series solutions round out a complete Eaton portfolio that brings you reliable, efficient and safe electrical power management solutions.

  • Apparatus
  • Drilling and marine
  • Enclosures
  • Fittings & glands
  • Industrial connectivity (Interconnect)
  • Industrial control
  • Lighting
  • Plugs & receptacles
  • Visual & audible signaling devices
  • Airport lighting system
  • Commercial products